Free shipping on all orders within the EU!
Free shipping on all orders within the EU!

About Us

*Willkommen Freunde!*

Epaulet is a clothing, footwear, and accessories brand from the United States. They offer uncompromising quality, modern style, and ethical production in North America and Europe.

We’ve known the Epaulet founders for years and consider them to be very close friends. Our goal for this website is to offer Epaulet’s superlative merchandise to customers throughout Europe. Your order will ship directly from our distribution centers in Hungary, Austria, and Germany. Shipping costs are reasonable, VAT is included, and returns & exchanges are easy.

We’re happy to meet you and thrilled to introduce Epaulet’s classic style to the Continent. Although we’re starting out relatively small, you’re going to see the offerings on this site grow by leaps and bounds in the near future!